Born To Be Wild Formerly Magic Carpet Ride

The Born to Be Wild 2014 Tour rocked Sturgis at Glencoe Pavilion August 6th/7th 2014 and Daley’s in Spokane August 9th 2014

The Born to Be Wild 2014 Tour rocks Glencoe Pavilion at Sturgis

The Born to Be Wild 2014 Tour rocks Daley's in Spokane!

The Born to Be Wild Tour 2014 rocks Daley's in Spokane, WA

"The Born to Be Wild Tour 2014 rocks Daley's in Spokane, WA

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Watch for the upcoming release of “Born To Be Wild Revisited 2015″ with some very special guest artists performing on the song.

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goldy 1 NYE 2013

goldy 2 nye 2013

In the late 60′s, the band Steppenwolf became famous for such hits as “Born To Be Wild” and “Magic Carpet Ride“. The band’s original line-up went different ways in the mid 1970′s and many went on using the name Steppenwolf. John Kay went on to tour as “John Kay and Steppenwolf” in 1981 and because of legal issues, nobody has ever toured as “Steppenwolf.” During the band’s existence, it went through several guitarists, bassists and keyboardists. Some of the members went on to other projects and still perform.

In 2005, Goldy McJohn, the original keyboard player in Steppenwolf who played on all of the hit songs and albums recorded by Steppenwolf and Glen Bui joined together to peform the music of Steppenwolf. In the beginning, the band was called “The Steppenwolf Experience” and “Goldy McJohn and Friendz.” The band, during 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, went through various members, including Steppenwolf guitarist Kent Henry, drummers from Sugarloaf (Lloyd Poole) In late 2009, Glen Bui placed a call to John Kay who at the time owned Steppenwolf Productions to ask him for help obtaining credibility for the band, John agreed to issue a license for the band from March 2010 to March 2013 to allow it to perform under the trademark-owned name, Steppenwolf Productions. The band toured performing in Casino’s, Fairs, Arenas, Amphitheaters and Festivals, Corporate Conventions, Private Parties, Benefits and other events. The band’s primary focus is on performing a set of Steppenwolf’s Greatest Hits, giving the audience the very same intensity as the original line-up of Steppenwolf did in its peak of existence in the late 60′s, early 70′s and for those who can’t see John Kay and Steppenwolf perform, this is the only other band out there keeping the legend of Steppenwolf alive.. Now the band is operating independently, playing Steppenwolf’s greatest hits and touring internationally…. The band also performs for benefits and has raised over 2.3 million dollars performing benefit concerts since 2008 for Disabled Children and Adults, The Boys n Girls Clubs, American Cancer Society, Veterans, Children’s Hospital and many other organizations.

2014 Tour Dates
Comcast Arena May 12
Des Moines 4th of July Fireworks Festival July 4
Sturgis August 6-7
Spokane August 9
Tacoma August 23
Chelan Sept 6
Northport Wa. Sept 13
Tulalip Casino Sept 20
Vancouver Nov 1
Ramona Ca Nov 29
Bend Or Nov 15
Poulsbo Wa Dec 31
2015 Tour Dates
Newport Wa May 23 2015
Kingston Wa June 6 2015
Poulsbo Wa Private Event June 13 2015
More dates coming soon..

This List does Not Include All Performances:

White River Amphitheater (Wa) 2008
Farragut State Park Amphitheater (Idaho) 2008
Sturgis 2008
Stanwood Camino Island Fair (Wa) 2008
San Juan County Fair (Wa) 2008
Jazzbones (Wa) 2008 (sold out)
7 Cedars Casino (Wa) 2009
Tulalip Casino (Wa) 2009
Run 21 ABATE (Oregon) 2009
Western Washington State Fair 2009
Lucky Dog Casino (Wa) 2009
Muckleshoot Casino (Wa) 2009
Daytona 2009
Benefit Thurston Co Boys n Girls Club (Great Wolf Lodge)
Nooksac Casino (Wa) 2009
Jazzbones (Wa) 2009 (sold out)
Lucky Dog Casino (Wa) 2010
Seattle Hard Rock Cafe 2010 (sold out)
Saratoga New York 2010
Jazzbones (Wa) 2010 (sold out)
Full Moon Festival (Wa) 2011 (sold out)
Seattle Hard Rock Cafe 2011 (sold out)
more 2011 coming up
The Oasis 2012 (sold out)
Showare Arena (Wa) 2012 (sold out)
The Grail (Idaho) 2012
Mt Tabor Theater (Oregon) 2012
Monkey Fest (Wa) 2012
Americana Music Festival (Wa) 2012
Walt Disney Studio’s Olympic Game Farm (Wa) 2012
Victory Music Festival (2013)
King Co Fair (2013)
Poulsbo Music Festival (2013)
Vessel Winery New Years Eve 2013 (sold out)
Comcast Arena Everett Wa (2014)